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• Hairskeen

• Non-Surgical
hair replacement features

- invisible hair line

• Pain Free
• Colours and Shades
to match your natural hair

• Premium Quality
Products human hair

• Hairstyling

• Blending For Natural Look

• Individual Solution

Various Packages


Andre Laforest

BARBER, Hairskeen certified non surgical hair replacement



Developed by hair professionals and barbers, the Hairskeen solution will bring you the pleasure of styling you, the look you want and the style you want! On the initiative of Cosmecare, the European leader in hair replacement, and under the artistic direction of Raphaël Perrier, an international hairdresser and hairdresser four times World Hairdressing Champion, the Hairskeen solution was born. 

Hairskeen is a range of unique hair replacements that combine high technology, aesthetics and natural to find her hair in a simple way and without surgery.

Suitable for all hair loss, our solutions are extremely fine and benefit from the latest technological advances through the use of highly innovative materials for a tailor-made ultra-natural result. Inspired by cinema and adopted by international stars, Hairskeen is the ultra-confidential solution to find the pleasure of styling and styling all test desires!

Hairskeen hair replacement for men provides a safe, comfortable, and effective alternative so any man can rock the style he wants. Non-surgical hair replacement services will make feel more excited and more confident about their hair and their style.

Ask about Hairskeen’s companion line, Chopperhead - the perfect grooming and styling products for all hair types, including hair systems. Book a free online or in-person consultation with Andre to learn how he can help you.

*Results may differ from one individual to another based on their physical features.
Pictures are published as an indication only to provide information about the nature of the product.

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